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Custom Software Development

Develop custom applications to meet specific business requirements.

AAHA Solutions connect multiple dimensions of software development to give you an all-digital world. AAHA Solutions look beyond traditional delivery paradigms and one-size-fits-all applications to translate your idea into a scalable technology solution that works perfectly for your business.

Custom applications built for businesses and customers to solve unique challenges has driven innovation and contributes to your competitive edge. When your business is growing, it is only natural to expect your software to keep up with your growing business needs. Off-the-shelf software options are inherently limited in the range of business process scenarios that it can cover. These options will meet your requirements in the short-term and not scale well in the long-term, thus forcing you to adopt another off-the-shelf software at a later date. At AAHA Solutions, we develop custom software that will support the growth of your business.

Premium Retail Applications

The goal is to reduce the CPU and Memory usage of the Multichannel banking application Developed on IBM Framework. Coordinate performance test runs to identify and optimize JVM swith high CPU usage..

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Selfridges & Co in London

Selfridges & Co. Limited was formerly known as Selfridges PLC and changed its name to Selfridges & Co. Limited in November 2003. The company was founded in 1909 and is based in London, United Kingdom. Selfridges & Co. Limited operates as a subsidiary of Wittington Investments Limited.

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HARRODS Company Services in London

QA Source helped to define and implement appropriate strategies and methodologies for your their test automation services, and then measure and evaluate them Handsets , Operating systems and Carriers

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Premium Retail Applications in London

Manage all your searches, surveys, identity checks and conveyancing insurance solutions in one place, whilst ordering in a matter of seconds.Our Quote Referral System (QRS) enables you to manage and streamline your business enquiries – including issuing quotes, chases and instructions. Take a look at our video to see how QRS can help you.

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IKEA company in London

Enterprise Content Management system to achieve more visibility and efficient document management for a manufacturing company.

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Louis Vuitton in London

Our business requires us to be agile as a in a fast-moving, innovation-driven industry. Therefore, AAHA Solutions must continuously improve the digital work environment that AAHA Solutions provide our employees.The Fingent team provides us with robust methodologies and analytical frameworks to evaluate digital workspace technologies. Their ability to grasp our business processes, understanding of user experiences and thorough attention to detail makes us feel safe and secure that AAHA Solutions are in capable hands.

L&Q Software Services in London

L&Q is a regulated charitable housing association and one of the UK's most successful independent social businesses. The L&Q Group houses around 250,000 people in more than 95,000 homes, primarily across London and the South East.Our new customer promise is all about building trust with our customers and being much clearer about what they can expect from us.

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Our team of architects, developers, and designers have extensive experience in software development. We’re a technology agnostic group with experience in many technologies such as Microsoft .NET, Java, Ruby, SQL Server, Oracle, Dynamics, Microsoft Azure, WordPress, UmbracoCMS, PHP, Windows Server, Linux, Drupal and more. You define our projects. AAHA Solutions build software using tools and technologies as unique as the infrastructures and requirements of our clients require. Knowing is good, sharing is better. So before and after we build, we write. Whether you need written requirements, specifications or site documentation, we put our knowledge into the palm of your hand to help your internal technical team members or even your non-technical users.
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Rapid application development is a form of Agile software development methodology. Unlike Waterfall methods, it emphasizes working software and user feedback over strict planning and requirements recording. In other words, RAD is less talk, more action. RAD’s working software prototypes lack full-scale functionality. They are used primarily for demonstration and requirement gathering, which helps end users envision entire solution stacks. It contains built-in and customizeable data, processes and organizational models. Thus, it employs a model-driven and object-oriented approach to developing complete solutions.

AAHA Solutions take pride in our ability to understand your requirements and delivering you a solution that works really well for your business.Product developers play an important role in small businesses. They are responsible for developing new products or improving existing products so that the company can meet customers’ needs more effectively. Product developers may work as part of a team, collaborating with marketing, technical and manufacturing specialists throughout the product-development process. A product developer, also known as an industrial designer, combines design, business and engineering skills.

If you have an existing legacy software application that needs to be updated to meet your changing business requirements, our development team can certainly bring it up to speed. It focuses on modification of an existing product, sometimes through reverse eng. The objective of re-engineering a product is to optimize its performance by adding new functionalities and taking advantage of emerging technologies. Re-engineering effort can be for a new business need or for keeping pace with competitors. With the help of our re-engineering services AAHA Solutions help the customers to fix the issues.

AAHA Solutions can provide you world-class support and maintenance for all your software needs.All types of custom software maintenance are aimed at keeping the system usable and valuable for the company. At the same time, software maintenance has more service-like aspects when compared to software development because maintenance results in benefits for users. AAHA Solutions optimize development lifecycles by offering dedicated developers with specialized technology and industry expertise.

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